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My name is Adam Loyal, one of the hosts of 13 Questions. I edit the podcast and manage the websites with Darren. My hobbies include bicycling, cat wrangling and Dungeons and Dragons & Dragons. I credit my 8 years in Loss Prevention on changing how I interface with the world. I was trained in Wicklander - Zulawski retail interrogation techniques and used it to great success on the job. I learned first hand how good people justify crimes and how you can leverage that truth with their emotional state along with structured dialogue; to make someone want to tell the truth.  More often than not people thanked me while leaving in handcuffs. I also saw the mind fabricate crimes they did not commit and for which I dropped pursuit.  It taught me lessons on how the mind works and the importance of emotions and the words you structure your mind on. So here we are with 13 Questions, we are given wisdom passed down through generation. For me, the answers are a scaffolding to build and map my mind on so that I may better navigate this life path.  Along the way, I might just avoid a few dead ends and find a new shortcut 🙂